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Gratex International CZ, Ltd., was founded in the beginning of 1998 as a branch company of Gratex International, Bratislava. Already the Slovak Republic's IT leader, Gratex's aim is to expand its business activities into the Czech Republic, providing complex services and information systems based on the latest technologies, including Internet/Intranet and client/server.

Experience shows that software development alone is not sufficient. More important is the ability to offer complex services and solutions, from hardware and software sale through implementation and support for entire systems. To execute client service, support and solutions, Gratex entered into strategic partnerships with the leading firms in IT as Microsoft, IBM, … Just as important is Gratex's investment in human capital. Gratex continues to invest in ongoing training, which is demonstrated by our employees' remarkable success in professional certification programs.

As an information technologies leader, Gratex is also an important multimedia developer. Our commitment to design and publishing also enables Gratex's vibrant presence on the Internet, CD-ROMs and in other media, and enables the professional, creation of a definite corporate identity for our clients. Gratex's Web is dedicated to creating and maintaining the corporate identity for both clients and Gratex International.

Gratex has always been a step ahead of competition. Gratex Czech Republic has the same goal. With Gratex's development and support of information systems, we continue to keep our clients a step ahead of their competitors as well.

Gratex, the company that is here for you now and for your future.




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